Comic book artist, graphic designer and a musician.
He's the creator of 'KIWI' (Primus, 2009; Albatros, 2017), 'The Empress' (Playboy [CZ], 2018–2019), 'Kitty Style' (Playboy [CZ], 2018–2019) and the co-creator of 'Pussycat Assassins' (Playboy [CZ], 2018–2019).
He also was the head writer and artist on 'Kapsy'  (Euromedia, 2018) – the first comic book adaptation of Karel Čapek's Povídky z jedné a druhé kapsy. And worked as the head artist on 'Karel IV. Pán světa' (Albatros, 2016) – a graphic novel about the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV.
Since 2014 he’s been designing racing apparel for his sister – Ester Ledecka (the first woman to win a gold medal in two different sports in a single Winter Olympic Games).
His work also includes commissions for Elle magazine [CZ], Vogue magazine [CZ], Coca-Cola magazine [CZ], Crew / DC Comics, Mattel, Schweppes, Drumphonic, Continental AG, Audi, Future Gate festival and more.